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Canaan Launches New Avalon Bitcoin Miner A1566 with Leading Efficiency of Performance
publish date 2024-05-10
Canaan Inc. (NASDAQ: CAN), the creator of ASIC Bitcoin miners, released its newest Bitcoin mining machine--the Avalon air cooling miner A1566 from the Avalon Miner A15 series at Bitcoin Asia 2024 in Hong Kong on May 9th, 2024. Avalon Miner A1566, an upgraded Bitcoin mining rig, boasts an impressive 185 TH/s hash rate, coupled with a power efficiency ratio of 18.5 J/TH and a power consumption of 3420 W.

Avalon Miner A1566—Leading Bitcoin Mining Efficiency and Competitve ROI
The Avalon Miner A1566, as the second generation of Avalon Miner with 1x J/T Power Efficiency ratio, is fine-tuned for the SHA-256 mining algorithm. It can compute more data while consuming less energy with regard to its advanced power efficiency (18.5J/TH), hence it will enhance user’s profitability and offer customers a competitive ROI (Return on Investment) after the recent "Bitcoin Halving" event.

Promotion price: $14.6/T
For more details, please contact our sales team, and Canaan’s official website and online shop.

Avalon Miner A1566 — Easily Integrated into Canaan’s One-Stop Mining Solutions
The Avalon Miner A1566 seamlessly integrates into Canaan’s One-Stop Mining Solutions through Canaan’s global delivery and rapid deployment. It can be directly installed in the Avalon Box along with ready sites for swift deployment worldwide and can be customized to meet customers’ requirements. With access to power and a site, Bitcoin mining becomes hassle-free for Canaan’s customers utilizing the Avalon Miner A1566 and One-Stop Mining Solutions.

Avalon Miner A1566 — Holistic Support from Canaan’s Global Service Center
Users of Avalon Miner A1566 will enjoy the robust after-sales support and services from Canaan globally, encompassing 24/7 multilingual response and tailored VIP services. Our global service system composed of 20+ centers ensures the swift deployment and smooth operation of the Avalon Miner A1566 and other Avalon miners and solutions worldwide.

Avalon Miner A1566 — Demonstration of Advanced R&D Capacity
The new Avalon Miner A1566 reflects Canaan's intensified efforts in product development, market research and in collaboration with key partners, to deliver high quality, resilient Bitcoin mining solutions, especially crucial after the fourth halving of Bitcoin. The Avalon Miner A1566 is set to enhance profitability for users, reinforcing Canaan's commitment to innovation in the Bitcoin mining sector.

Mr. Zhibin Li, Vice President of Research and Development at Canaan, said: “Canaan remains dedicated to bring most-advanced mining machines to the market via close collaboration with semiconductor foundries. Together, we focus on developing cutting-edge technologies in the latest chip design and manufacturing processes. By delving deeply into the performance potential of chips,we continually strive for developing products with high efficiency and reliability to meet the evolving market demand. This endeavor not only enable our customers to enhance their profitability after the fourth halving of Bitcoin but also bolsters their resilience against risks. It also underscores Canaan's sustained, coherent, and profound capabilities in chip and product research and development.”

Media Contact: pr@canaan-creative.com
Shop Contact: avalon.sales@canaan.io

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