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    The Kendryte K510 chip is a mid-to-high-end edge inference chip that is equipped with an upgraded version of the independently developed IP core KPU2.0. Adopting a unique computing data stream and multiplexing method, the K510 is able to triple its computing power, while reducing power consumption. It integrates a next generation image processor that supports 2D/3D noise reduction, WDR wide dynamic, fisheye correction and hardware 3A functions. The K510 supports a wide variety of applications at the edge including high-definition video conferencing, high-definition aerial photography, and robotics.

    Computing power

    2.5 TFLOPS


    Dual-core RISC-V 64-bit CPU



    Huge memory capacity

    Supports external x32 bits LPDDR3/4, up to 16Gbits

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    Feature 1
    High computing power

    Unique computing data flow technology that triples the computing power, 2.5 TFLOPS, support for INT8 and BF16

    Feature 2

    Open source architecture: dual-core RISC-V 64-bit CPU, up to 800 MHz

    Feature 3
    Huge memory capacity

    Supports external x32 bits LPDDR3/4, up to 16Gbits

    Feature 4

    Supports open-source frameworks and architectures including TensorFlow, Pytorch, ONNX

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    2.5TFLOPS BF16 / 2.5TOPS INT8

    Typical power 2W;
    Standby Current < 2mA.

    64-bit RISC-V dual-core@800MHz, Double precision FPU extension;
    64-bit DSP@800MHz, 512-point FFT.

    Input high-definition triple camera, MIPI CSI/DVP interface;
    Output: 4Video Layer + 3 OSD Layer;
    High-quality H264 video encoding, 2 channels 1080P@60;
    2D image accelerator: zoom, crop, rotate, OSD overlay.

    I2S/PDM/TDM API,Ultra low-power wake-up VAD

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