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    A new beginning, a new journey
    publish date 2020-01-01

    When you read this letter, 2019 had passed, and we have officially entered into the brand new 2020.


    In the past year, we have made progress in both the blockchain and AI businesses. At the same time, we have also accomplished the listing on the NASDAQ in the United States.


    Foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the colleagues and family members of Canaan. Innovation and entrepreneurship need to be armed with a lot of hard work. We have gone through tremendous hardships and work alongside one another in Canaan to be where we are today.


    The past decade has been a decade in which blockchain and AI has begun to gain traction. It was also a decade in which Canaan was founded and has grown to be stronger.


    In the past decade, we have relied on our chips to pave the way to the global blockchain and the first share of AI chips. With our strong beliefs and commitment to technological innovation, we managed to rise to rounds of industrial ups and downs. We have also maintained a leading position in the R&D initiatives in process and applications.


    Successfully getting listed in the Nasdaq is just a beginning step for us, and we should anticipate a whole new set of challenges and opportunities ahead of us.


    While thanking this era, we also have to thank ourselves for continuously maintaining a strong development pace to meet greater opportunities and challenges.


    Canaan’s mission is to make supercomputing accessible to all, and to make blockchain and AI technologies widely used to improve the community efficiency and social wellbeing. I believe this vision will be the ultimate pursuit of all family members of Canaan.

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