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    Big sales: Free Demo Machines
    publish date 2023-05-22

    Big sales: Free Demo Machines




    Since Bitcoin was first introduced, after three halving cycles, the main factors affecting the rise and fall of Bitcoin price have been well-known by the majority of miners and Bitcoin enthusiasts, and the price movements in Bitcoin are cyclical by nature. [“Mine in a bear market, and sell Bitcoin in a bull market for profit” has become an important belief for long-term miners who believe in the layout when the bull and bear markets intersect, and it has also become the only rule to guide new miners to enter the market.


    After the birth of the Avalon Made product, it has won the favor of most miners. We have accompanied Avalon Made products through more than ten years of ups and downs and experienced many thrilling moments during the journey, we have overcome difficulties together, and we continue to embrace new markets, opportunities and new miner partners.


    It has been less than a year since the fourth Bitcoin halving, at this time [when bulls and bears markets intersect], CANAAN adheres to the exquisite craftsmanship and unique ingenuity, hoping to help more partners embrace Bitcoin and achieve diversified wealth allocation. To move forward steadily and long on the road, while enhancing the connection between customers and Avalon Made products, and to have a wider understanding of Avalon Made products, this Free Demo Event is launched, aiming to present to the customers CANAAN’s best bitcoin mining machine with the sincerest attitude by lowering the entry threshold for customers.


    Terms and Conditions


    1. Event Product Models:


    All product models of CANAAN which are currently available for sale are eligible to participate in this event. Each new customer who meets the requirements can apply for up to 5 products of the order as free demo machines after placing an order.


    1. Eligible Customers:


    Customers who register and complete KYC verification via CANAAN’s official websites for the first time during the event period.


    1. Event Rules:


    a) Customers shall register and complete KYC verification via CANAAN’s official website, and after passing the verification process, place their first order via CANAAN’s official platforms (CANAAN’s online official mall/offline sales). Within three months of the delivery of products, customers shall email the product data for 48 hours to CANAAN via the designated email address (marketing@canaan-creative.com). Once CANAAN verifies the validity of the data, customers can apply for Avalon Vouchers, which shall not exceed the actual amount paid (excluding tax) for any five products in the first order placed by customers. For specific calculation and distribution details, please contact CANAAN’s sales personnel.


    b) Avalon Vouchers will be reflected as “Avalon” in Avalon Voucher Management System.


    1. Avalon Voucher Usage Rules:


    The Avalon Voucher can be used when purchasing any CANAAN products more than 100 units in one order at CANAAN’s online official mall or offline with a maximum utilization value of not more than 30% of the order amount. The Avalon Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts and cannot be exchanged for cash but are transferable. The validity period of the Avalon Voucher is 180 days from the date of issuance. Expired Avalon Vouchers will be deemed null and void. Customers shall ensure that their use of Avalon Vouchers complies with the applicable laws and regulations of the country and/or region where they are located. For detailed rules of Avalon Vouchers (including but not limited to Avalon Voucher Rules), please visit CANAAN official website: https://www.canaan.io/.


    1. Event Period:


    May 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.


    1. Disclaimer:


    The final interpretation right of the rules of this event is at the sole discretion of CANAAN. The customers participating in this event understand and agree to abide by all online and offline requirements and rules set by CANAAN for this event and CANAAN reserves the right to modify or adjust the event rules within the legal limits , and changes will be published from time to time on the CANAAN official website (https://www.canaan.io/) or notified offline by CANAAN sales. CANAAN also reserves the right to suspend or adjust this event for force majeure event or any reason without assuming any responsibility.


    For more details about this event, please contact CANAAN Sales or email marketing@canaan-creative.com.


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