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    Notice Regarding Counterfeit Website Impersonating Canaan Inc.
    publish date 2021-09-09

    Canaan Inc., its affiliates and subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively  referred to as “Canaan” or “We”) recently noticed that an Internet website with the domain name https://canaanmining.io/ (hereinafter the “Counterfeit Website”) is impersonating Canaan’s official website (https://canaan-creative.com/), using Canaan’s  trademark and name without authorization. Meanwhile, it is easy to cause the confusion of the customers since the company introduction and product details described on the Counterfeit  Website are highly similar to  Canaan’s official website. Therefore, in order to protect the interests of our customers and partners, we solemnly declare as follows:


    1.The establishment and operation of the Counterfeit Website is not legally authorised by Canaan in any aspects, and there is a great risk of loss dealings with the Counterfeit Website . At present, we have taken actions to protect our interests. In this circumstance, we strongly recommend focusing on our official website to avoid unnecessary losses (https://canaan-creative.com/).


    2.Please be cautious that any content on the Counterfeit Website, including but not limited to the “AvalonMiner” series products’ specifications, price listings, shopping cart function and even the sales email (info@canaanmining.io), have nothing to do with Canaan.


    3.At present, the URLs of Canaan’s official websites are: https://canaan-creative.com/ and https://canaan.io/.


    Canaan’s official sales Email is: sales@canaan.io.


    Apart from the aforementioned official websites and sales Email, any other websites and email addresses even established with the name of “Canaan Inc.” or “嘉楠科技” are  illegal and counterfeit without Canaan’s authorization.


    4.Please be vigilant against any counterfeit websites to avoid potential risks of being cheated. In case you’re confused by any similar websites, please never hesitate to contact us at: sales@canaan.io.



    Canaan Inc.

    September 9th, 2021

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